Virtual learning & fun for early learners: Take a brain & body break

Miss Shelley with core board

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris Welcome back and happy autumn! Recently, Miss Jenny shared a book about a day that should have been exciting and wonderful turning into a big disappointment. Those days feel pretty common right now. Our kids want to go to school and learn and play with their friends—but right now, it … Read more

How we’re partnering ‘to develop young minds’ during COVID-19

Parent and child with computer

While so much has changed this year, our priority to support early childhood learning remains strong. “We work with educators, children, and caregivers to develop young minds,” says Early Childhood Community Engagement Specialist Jenny Jackson. “We set a foundation in social and emotional learning, and through that foundation we focus on literacy and connectedness.” Connectedness … Read more

Virtual learning & fun for early learners: Kids love learning big words

Miss Jenny holding a book

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris Miss Jenny and I have been sharing a lot of words this week—big ones like “disappointed” and fancy ones like “scarlet.” The more words kids hear and know, the easier it is to read and keep learning new words: They can guess what a new word means when they know … Read more

Virtual learning & fun for early learners: Share sounds

Miss Shelley with Mickey Mouse

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris The grasshopper chirpeth, the lamb bleateth, the owl hooteth. Animal sounds are found in so many books and songs for children, including the first known picture book written for children, published in 1659. What makes animal sounds so important that they’ve been taught to young children for centuries? Not only … Read more

Virtual learning & fun for early learners: Rhymes make readers

Miss Sarah and two bluebirds

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris Rhyming is a key skill for kids on the path to reading. When kids can easily hear parts of words, it helps them understand how to decode them when they are ready to read. Nursery rhymes are great to share, because they often include words kids won’t hear in everyday … Read more

Virtual learning & fun for early learners: Talking about emotions

Miss Jenny and Ruthie the Camel

By Children’s Librarian Shelley Harris It’s never too early to talk about emotions with children, even babies and toddlers. The past few months have been an especially hard time for everyone, and kids are bound to be having big feelings they may not understand. You can share songs and regular check-ins to help kids navigate … Read more

‘Fun, familiar, safe’: Summer reading goes on

“In a time when a lot has changed for kids, the fact that summer reading is for fun has not.” —Nora Flynn, parent of a 9-year-old summer reading champ To keep everyone safe and reading for fun, we’ve gone virtual with this year’s summer reading program. And while it looks different this year, kids and … Read more

Six weeks into summer reading: ‘Kids are blowing us away’

By Children’s Librarians Shelley Harris and Genevieve Grove  5,100 challenges completed. 2,000 books read, in 285,000 minutes. 975 readers. 11,000 beads earned. AND COUNTING! Six weeks into our new virtual summer reading program, kids are blowing us away with their enthusiasm and determination. Adults know that kids who read at least 20 minutes a day … Read more

Now virtual: 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Selassie and family complete 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Pictured above: 1,000 Books graduate Selassie and his parents celebrate completing the program last year.Get reading tips from the parents of recent graduates » Now you can sign up and track your reading with Beanstack—from anywhere, at anytime—for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, the library’s long-term, ongoing reading program for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. What is … Read more

Our favorite resources for digital picture books

Family with baby looking at laptop

Searching for good picture books online to reach kids summer reading and 1000 Books Before Kindergarten goals? Here are some of our favorite digital resources! Your digital library Babybug & Cricket on Flipster: Find stories just for kids in two award-winning magazines. Hoopla: Easy to navigate and use, the app offers educational and fun options for … Read more

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