Stream global kids’ films with groundbreaking new library service

Oak Park Public Library cardholders can now stream short and feature-length films through Facets Kids, a groundbreaking new service available through our library.

Facets Kids offers both animated and live-action films from around the world, specially curated for children ages 2–16 by the experts who bring you the annual Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. The collection includes films by professional filmmakers as well as a special collection of films made by children and youth. Available for streaming from any browser on a computer or mobile device, the films offer families an enjoyable outlet for content that provokes thought, emotion, and critical thinking.

“These are films from over 40 countries, which set children’s imaginations soaring, provoke them to think, broaden their understanding of other cultures, and expand their horizons,” said Facets Director Milos Stehlik. “I think these are values which reflect the spirit of Oak Park as an inclusive community which puts value in the future of children, supports their individuality and creativity, and tries to give them the freedom to grow.”

A unique partnership

Until now, Facets Kids has been available only to subscribers for private, individual use. We are the first library to partner with Facets, the longtime award-winning Chicago film distributor, educator, and curator of independent, world, and classic film.

“For over four decades, we at Facets have believed that children need an alternative to media, the single aim of which is to create passive consumers,” Stehlik said. “The films which Facets discovers and curates are that alternative. Facets Kids, which lets kids watch and interact with these films anywhere, at any time, now makes these films—rarely if ever previously available—accessible. We hope that the children and families of Oak Park embrace them as we do, and celebrate the amazing talents of the filmmakers from around the world who create them.”

Eric Pasteur, Collection Management Librarian, said: “Facets is internationally known and respected, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to provide our community with the opportunity to access unique children’s films offering diverse global perspectives on universal themes. And because we are the first library—public, academic, school, or special—to offer Facets Kids, it has been a true partnership to make the service available.”

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